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Competition cheerleading is a team based performance sport. It involves stunting, tumbling, and dance segments in a 2 1/2 minute routine. V-Force Elite All Star Cheer Team specializes in competitive cheerleading for ages 5 to 18.

Tiny Team

Level 1

Level 2

Birth Year Requirement: 2017-2021

*Athlete must be potty trained

Tumbling: Forward rolls & cartwheels

Jumps: Tuck jump, star jump, T jump

Birth Year Requirement: 2012-2017

Tumbling: Forward & backward rolls, cartwheel, round-offs, backbend kickovers, front/back walkovers, handstand, & handstand forward roll.

Jumps: Toe touch, hurdler, & pike jump (combo of 2 jumps)


Birth Year Requirement: 2009-2016

Tumbling: Dive forward roll, standing back handspring, front/back walkover, back walkover to back handspring, round off back handspring, front handspring

Jumps: Tow touch, hurdler, pike jump (combo of 3 jumps)

Tryout For a team!

Athletes are invited to tryout for the 2024-2025 cheer season which will be held on Saturday, April 6th from 12:00 PM-2:30 PM. Tryouts will consist of being tested on cheer knowledge, skills, and technique for jumps, tumbling, dancing, and stunting. Athletes will also perform a routine that is taught at the Spring Break Cheer Camp (March 26th & 27th).

*If your athlete is unable to attend the tryout date, please contact us to schedule a one-on-one evaluation with one of our cheer coaches.

Sponsor Shoutout

V-Force Elite All Star Cheer Team is supported by many parents, as well as community businesses. Thank you to to the businesses that are proud supporters of our cheer team. We are immensely appreciative of the businesses that have donated and continuously support our team. Thank you!


Being a high-level gymnast takes courage to overcome challenges, and push past roadblocks.​


High-level gymnastics takes dedication day after day, week after week, but the hard work will create amazing results​


Students will learn and grow from gymnastics both as athletes and as people. Gymnastics will teach lifelong lessons for success.​

Kandis M.

My daughter loved it! The coach was great and the facility is neat and clean.

Renee M.

Love them. They are the best. They are fabulous with the kids and adjust how they interact with them to match their skill and age level.

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