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Ninja Force is a thrilling new sport geared towards boys and girls (ages 3-17 ) and is a combination of gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle course training and freestyle movement. Ninja sport includes combinations of flips, rolls and kicks that are designed to help improve total body coordination, build strength and improve agility. Sign up and get started today.

Become A Ninja

Ninja Force uses your child’s energy to create focus! Beyond skill, this class teaches crucial lessons about confidence, discipline, impulse control and responsibility. This class is also perfect for teaching students about important safety concepts such as how to fall, jump, and move past difficult obstacles.


Ninja Force classes are tons of fun, and since this program covers so many skills and no two classes are ever the same.


It takes strength to be a ninja. In these classes you will not only learn how to do ninja movements, you will also train to be strong like a ninja


Learn to overcome obstacles and challenges that you thought you would never be able do and increase your confidence in yourself.

Lauren G.

We LOVE V-Force! After trying out several other gyms (Gym Beat, America's Kids in Motion, etc), we finally found our gymnastics home at V-Force!! Been coming with all three kids for several years. My boys love the Ninja class and my daughter has loved every class she's tried!

Renee M.

Love them. They are the best. They are fabulous with the kids and adjust how they interact with them to match their skill and age level.

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