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What programs does V-FORCE Elite offer?


There are many programs to get your child involved. Here are some options:

TinyTots (18 months- 2 ½ years) 40 minute class Ratio 1:7-9
Our TinyTots class is a fun parent participation class with a strong emphasis on socialization skills, motor skills and group involvement. The class is centered on age appropriate developmental movements using special toddler size equipment.

Tumble Tots (3-4 years) 50 minute class Ratio: 1:5-7

Tumble Tot class is designed for children to develop their skills in a non-parent participation class. Children will further expand their gymnastics, listening, and learning skills. Children will use obstacle courses, and age appropriate cooperative games. This program is carefully designed to help children move from our preschool program to our recreational program.

Super Tots (5-6 years) 60 minute class ratio 1:6-8
Super Tots class is designed for children to develop their skills in a non-parent participation class. Children will further expand their gymnastics skills. This class is designed to transition the child into our recreational program.

Levels 1-4
Curriculum: (ages 7-18 years) 1 hr class Ratio 1:7-9
Our Recreational program is based on the USAG Jr. Olympic program. This program is designed to provide an achievement oriented, non - competitive atmosphere where progression of skills and fun in learning is emphasized. The girls train on four events: Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor exercise. The boys train on six events: Floor exercise, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and High Bar.

Evaluation of Progress
Each student will have an appropriate skill chart that the coaches can take track their progress. Gymnasts are evaluated every 3 weeks and at the end of the month, and graduations are held once the athlete has completed the Skill Chart. At V-FORCE Elite Gymnastics, we strive to teach children pride in their accomplishments as they progress through the levels.


Beginning Tumbling: (ages 6-18 years) 1 hr class Ratio: 1:7-9
All tumbling classes are taught using our spring floor as well as our tumble trak. Basic Tumbling skills are learned in the Beginning Tumbling class. Students will learn how to do each skill properly, with the correct form and technique. Mastery of basic tumbling elements is crucial to learning more advanced skills. Skills learned are:
• Forward & Backward roll
• Handstand
• Cartwheel
• Round - Off
• Kickovers
• Back Handspring drills
• Front Handspring drills
• Safety Bail Rolls

Intermediate Tumbling: (ages 6-18 years) 1 hr class Ratio 1:7-9
This class is designed for students who have learned most of the basic tumbling elements and are ready to move to more advanced skills. Students will learn each skill with proper form and technique so they can master each skill. Skills learned in intermediate tumbling include, but are not limited to:
• Round - Off
• Back Handspring
• Backwalkovers/ frontwalkovers
• Front Handspring
• Front Tuck
• Safety Bail Rolls

Advanced Tumbling: (ages 6-18 years) 1 hr class Ratio 1:7-9
This class is designed for students who are more advanced at tumbling and have developed the strength and power to learn more advanced flipping and twisting elements. Emphasis will be on learning power, form, and technique. The skills taught at the advanced level vary according to ability and level. Some skills are:
• Round - Off Back Handspring
• Round - Off multiple Back Handspring series
• Round - Off Back Handspring, Back Tuck
• Front Tuck
• Standing Back Tuck
• Round - Off Back Handspring, Layout
• Twisting/Flipping combination elements
• Safety Bail Rolls
OPEN GYM ($10)
Children AND Adults can enjoy supervised time where they can practice skills, meet new friends, and have fun! Participants must be five years old for guardian to leave facility during open gym. Pre-registration is not required! All participants must have a release form signed by their parent or guardian before they participate.



Why take Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a fun, energizing and powerful sport. Some experts say that the greatest benefits of gymnastics training for children are physical, the amazing power, and unparalleled balance, and injury-preventing agility and grace. Other experts say that the greatest benefits are of the mind: the perseverance, the poise, the confidence, and the attention to detail and the concentration. It all boils down to gymnastics training is without a doubt a must for kids who want to learn how to be the best they can be in life.


How will gymnastics benefit my child?

Gymnastics is a sport involving all of the main muscle groups. Children will learn to exercise their bodies as well as their minds. Gymnasts use agility, grace, strength, and concentration during their training. While in gymnastics children learn how to stay focused, attain goals and get excited about learning new skills! Gymnastics is the foundation of ALL sports. Training in gymnastics leads to a more well-rounded athlete, and those with a background in gymnastics naturally excel in other sports.